Retractable patio roofs.

Installing a retractable patio roof is one of the most sought-after options when we talk about sliding roofs, by both homeowners and hotel and restaurant managers.

The main reason is to be able to enjoy home or business outdoor spaces without worrying about the weather.

3 reasons to install a retractable roof on the terrace.

More usable space.

Retractable roofs for terraces are one of the best solutions when looking to increase the usable space of our business or home without the need for major construction work.

As these systems are fully hermetic (rain, wind and temperature-change proof) we guarantee total comfort all year round.

More natural light.

Airclos manufactures minimalist line systems in which the use of glass as a construction material is a priority.

Therefore, it is possible to create large entrances of natural light by installing retractable roofs in indoor patios and other spaces that allow direct access of natural light into the house or business.

In addition, opening the roof restores full contact with the outdoors so natural light remains the protagonist.

Increased energy efficiency and saving in consumption with retractable patio roof covers.

Retractable roofs for patios, terraces and garden areas can help you lower your energy bills in a number of ways.

The glass allows the heat to enter the rooms, and the air-tightness of the system prevents it from escaping to the outside again, thus achieving a significant reduction in heating consumption.

Also, during the summer, the complete opening of this retractable patio roof system, promotes better air circulation, which purifies the air inside and favours the entrance of breeze, thus reducing the consumption of air conditioning.

Finally, power consumption will also be reduced by the increased entry of natural light.

Choosing sliding garden roofs for terraces and indoor patios leads to more efficient homes and businesses that decrease the carbon footprint and lower the energy bill.

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