Polycarbonate roofing.

Polycarbonate roofing is the perfect choice when the installation of retractable roofs with a translucent finish that allows light to enter without losing privacy.

Advantages of polycarbonate patio roofs.

  • Light and rigid structure.
  • Highly resistant to impacts.
  • Good thermal insulation.
  • Translucent finish.
  • Protection against UV rays.

Most common applications for retractable polycarbonate roofs in patios and terraces.

Low-price polycarbonate sliding roofs.

In most cases, opting for a polycarbonate patio roof may lead to great savings as compared to glass panels.

This option should be taken into consideration when on a tight budget.

Polycarbonate patio roofs for indoor.

Polycarbonate sheets are perfect for applications where high impact-resistance and good thermal insulation are a must.

For this reason, retractable polycarbonate roofs are the perfect choice for areas such as indoor patios, where objects may fall from other neighbours' houses.

In addition, the translucent finish facilitates the entry of natural light, while providing an extra bit of privacy, which is very useful in this type of applications.

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