Project Manager

More efficient and cost-effective installations with the help of our Project Manager

Who is the project manager?

It is managed by an expert directly on site

Working on safety and in direct contact with the technical department, the Project Manager will be your direct link on site.

This person will be responsible for leading the team and organising the resources on site, thus ensuring the correct installation of the systems.

Team management

Your team will know what to do at all times.

Machinery and tools

You will know exactly what machinery and tools you need.

Logistics coordination

We supervise and coordinate logistical decisions.

Maximise profits

Achieve a higher approval rate of budgets with tighter time and resource estimates.

When will you need a Project Manager?

In the first installations of your team or in large projects, having the Project Manager’s guidance can be a great help.

In addition, you will always be provided with installation manuals and ongoing support from your sales adviser and the technical department team.

Advantages of having a Project Manager

Minimise risks

By centralising the project in a single, highly experienced figure, a global vision of the project is achieved and it will be easier to find solutions to possible adversities without these having repercussions for the end client.

Direct training

If your team does not have a great deal of experience, they can learn first-hand how to install our systems and about the complications that often arise on site.
This will be of particular interest in the case of motorised retractable roof installations, which involve complex issues such as the installation of home automation.

Meet delivery conditions and deadlines

An experienced project manager can help plan and schedule the project, identify the necessary resources, coordinate the different teams and monitor the progress of the project to ensure that the use of resources is optimised, deadlines are met and the client’s objectives are achieved.

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