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Vertical sliding window.

The Airclos vertical sliding window system is a sash window consisting of large glass panels. Close any room occupying a very small space.


Up to 4 m high and 4 m wide sash windows

Create great panoramic views without losing tightness.

The horizontal profile design of our aluminium sash windows ensures maximum respect for the views while maintaining the panoramic view at all times.
Depending on the configuration of the panels, spans up to 4 m wide and 4 m high can be covered.
Its dual reinforced steel chains allow the easy lifting of large panels up to a total of 200 kg, including the weight of the retractable panels.


Perfect for confined spaces

Sash window with vertical sliding within the same axis to save space.

Its vertical opening turn the vertical sliding window into the perfect choice for confined spaces and businesses since, by sliding on the same axis to open and close, it keeps the available usable space completely free.

Connected to the most advanced home automation applications.

Sash window systems integrated with today’s most advanced home automation applications.

The motorised system of the Airclos vertical sliding windows is fully compatible with wind, rain and sun sensors and applications such as IFTTT, AMAZON ALEXA and HOMEKIT.

Bottom or top opening for vertical sliding windows

Configure the opening of your sash window according to the needs of your project.

This innovative system brings a breakthrough to the market, as it can be opened from the bottom as well as from the top.
When the sash window system is opened towards the bottom, it remains at an optimum safety height, acting as a railing.
When it is opened towards the top, the panels hang down, allowing passage under the system.

Complete safety

Anti-entrapment safety profile

Includes a safety hand profile, which serves as a handrail when the window is opening.

Vertical Sliding Window Series.

Some of our projects.

The Arts Club · London, United Kingdom

The Arts Club, London.

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Meraki Restaurant · Riyadh, Arabia Saudí

Meraki Restaurant, Riyadh.

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The Grossvenor, Dubai · Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Grossvenor, Dubai.

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BBK Kuna · Bilbao, Spain

BBK Kuna.

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