Pool enclosures.

Pool enclosures are one of the best solutions for those home and business owners who are looking in retractable roof systems an option to extend the swimming season or even make it last the whole year.

Here are some of the main advantages.

3 reasons to install a retractable pool enclosure

Lower costs for heated pools

Glass pool enclosures heat the space naturally due to the greenhouse effect resulting from using glass.

This makes it possible to enjoy pleasant bathing temperatures for longer without having to use other more expensive electrical systems.

By installing glass pool enclosures this effect will work even in the coldest months, although you may need an additional method to heat the water during these months.

If your heated swimming pool is enclosed, it will always consume less energy than an outdoor pool.

Safer pools

Swimming pool enclosures are a great safety barrier for several reasons.

On the one hand, it prevents unsupervised access by children and pets, minimising the risk of accidents.

On the other hand, sliding pool roofs allow for ventilation and therefore prevent the accumulation of toxic elements released by the chemicals used for water maintenance into the air.

Minimise pool maintenance

As the pool is less exposed, it is thus cleaner and requires less maintenance.

Our retractable pool enclosures will prevent excessive dust, rain and other agents from getting in, keeping the pool and its environment much cleaner with less effort.

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