Glass roofs.

Glass roofs will be the ideal option when we need to install mobile roofing with a completely transparent finish in which the entry of natural light prevails.

Advantages of pergola glass roofs.

  • Large light shafts.
  • Totally transparent, great entry of natural light.
  • Different insulation thicknesses.
  • Possibility of creating customised panels by combining different glass types (tempered, laminated, etc.), with different finishes (acoustic glass, with sun protection, etc.).
  • Highly resistant to impacts.

Most common applications for glass patio roofs in homes and hospitality establishments.

Outdoor retractable glass roofs.

Glass panels facilitate the creation of fully customised glass structures adapted to the needs of each project.

This feature is particularly important in the case of glass roofs for outdoor spaces where the priority is to create a sense of comfort as, for example, in business or residential extensions, verandas, or patios, as well as in the assembly of glass porch roofs or outdoor dining areas.

It is possible to choose high thermal performance glass in places with extreme temperatures, glass with sun protection in areas with high incidence of sunlight, acoustic glass to increase privacy, etc.

For this type of applications, the installation of retractable glass roofs is preferred over fixed ones, since they offer the possibility of keeping the room closed or, on the contrary, to open it and enjoy the outdoors.

Glass patio roofs for indoor.

Glass roofs are an excellent solution when looking to create large entries of natural light and heat. This is why they are in high demand in areas where there are few hours of sunshine and/or low temperatures.

Sunlight enters through the glass illuminating and heating the rooms organically, which leads to consuming less energy and reducing our impact on the environment.

This type of panoramic glass roofs for patios and indoor areas may be fixed or retractable, depending on whether the area requires extra air circulation or not.

Tempered glass roofs are mainly used as large skylights in attics, single-family homes, indoor pools and indoor patios.

Airclos T6000 Retractable roof. Automatic roof to cover a pool, New Delhi, India

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