Advantages for our exclusive distributors

At Airclos we have more than 35 years’ experience in the development, design and manufacture of retractable roofs and other aluminium enclosure systems.

This journey has afforded us a unique learning curve that your company as a distributor/installer can benefit from today.

Discover all the advantages offered to exclusive distributors/installers of Airclos systems:

Reach out to your potential customers 

Our distributor network is an integral part of the company’s marketing plan.

By working exclusively with innovative systems of its own design, Airclos undertakes a huge investment in order to make its product range known and to detect the latent demand in its potential customers.

These campaigns are aimed at the world market, but special attention is always paid to commercial areas allocated to our distributors.

End customers are recruited by the brand and referred to their distributor.

In this way, Airclos boosts the product demand for our distributors around the world and helps them in cross-selling other products in their portfolio.


Premium Commercial Support

To help our distributors commercially, Airclos makes different resources available to you to help you in advising your customers and accepting orders.

On our website, distributors as well as end customers will find updated information about our systems.

In addition, your team will have access to exclusive distributor documentation such as catalogues, technical data sheets, etc.

Our customer care service is at your disposal for specific queries.

In addition, our distributors will be able to use our showroom or obtain significant discounts for creating their own showrooms or corners (equipped with samples, promotional material, etc.).

Find our contact information on the link.

Custom budgets

Requesting a budget is a simple online procedure, through which the customer sends us the relevant information (measurements, plans, photographs, etc.).

Our budget technicians study each request together with our project engineers. In this way, we guarantee that the customer receives the offer that best suits the needs of their design.

The proposal usually reaches the customer within approximately 24/48 hours, is totally free of charge and does not imply any commitment from either party.

Find the budget request sheets on the link.

Definition of details and acceptance

The acceptance process is also one of the most delicate phases; therefore, our team will provide you with personalised, fast and qualified advice to ensure that your order is accepted satisfactorily.

The customer will be able to access other complementary services that may be necessary to define details prior to accepting an order.

Services such as supervision during measuring, structure calculation, stress calculation or 3D simulation of the finished project are made available.

When the final proposal is reached and then accepted by the customer, the project is assigned to a Project Manager within our technical department.



The Project Manager will be in charge of supervising the entire process from the acceptance of the order until the final product delivery, ensuring that each step is carried out with an exhaustive quality control and maintaining excellent delivery deadlines. .

Collaboration with the distributor/installer is very important, as correct information channelling will also depend on them.

In this stage, the raw materials will be collected and production will begin.

At the end of the process, the manufactured product will be specially packed to ensure the material is correctly received at destination. Each component is labelled and numbered for easy identification during installation.

Support for queries arising on site is one of the main priorities for our technical team.



At Airclos we are specialists in the manufacture of the ready-to-install finished product, making it a simple process for professional installers.

Upon delivery of the finished order, our customers receive all the documentation and advice they need during installation.

Drawings and instructions for the placement of the different components that make up the unit are included in the order delivery.

In addition, the assigned Project Manager will be at your disposal if you need any further information or clarification.

Technical-commercial training

Our manufacturing centre, with more than 3000 m², has a complete training room available to our distributors.

This service will be perfect for professional teams who are just starting to install enclosure systems or who want to expand their training.

These exclusive trainings are free of charge for our distributors, helping them to acquire a high degree of expertise in our systems.


Assembly Supervisor

In the first few jobs following training, it is common for the installation team to need extra advice and supervision.

To this end, we offer our exclusive service of on-site Assembly Supervisors.

The assembly supervisor will accompany the installation team throughout the whole process, guiding them and ensuring that each step is carried out correctly.

This service is of particular interest because of its training format, which enables installers to complete their training during the installation itself.

In this way, concepts are set out live, with trainees learning to solve complications commonly encountered in this type of work in real time.


Complete Installation

In specially complex projects, our distributors have the option of signing up for the exclusive complete installation service.

The ideal candidates for this service are projects that, due to their magnitude and/or special properties, involve excessive complexity for the distributor.

In these cases, our specialist installer team will travel to the site and carry out the complete installation.

These are known as ‘turnkey projects


Cutting-edge systems

Our significant investment in R&D+i ensures that we offer highly cutting-edge systems that incorporate the latest innovations on the market.

We work on two main lines:

Analysis of customer needs and improvement of the best solutions: Airclos has the widest range of enclosure systems on the market. We have a solution for every need, and we invest every day in finding more effective solutions to our customers’ needs.

The result of this research is the latest innovations presented (retractable roofs with RPT, three-phase motorisation for larger dimensions, etc.).

Cost optimisation for increased profitability: Technological innovation enables us to design more optimised solutions, with a lower relative cost, allowing our distributors to work with highly competitive prices.


Quality assurance and after-sales service

Offer your customers the peace of mind of working with a benchmark brand with a great track record.

In Airclos we only manufacture systems that we have developed ourselves, in which every detail has been carefully taken care of, from the design to its delivery to the end customer.

But, in addition to production quality, the concept of offering a good product also includes an efficient, flexible and reliable after-sales service.

Manufacturing our own fittings and accessories makes it possible for us to guarantee an immediate after-sales service with no intermediaries throughout the useful life of the product.

In addition, thanks to our perfect product knowledge, we are able to adapt precisely to any replacement or renovation that may arise with the use of the systems.

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