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Retractable and fixed roofs

The widest range of motorized mobile roofs and transparent fixed roofs.

Glass panels up to 4m wide

Its impact effect combined with its minimalist design will captivate your customers and visitors.

Up to 12 m projection without pillars

Cover large spaces and increase the number of usable tables throughout the year.

Up to 24 m projecting gable

Retractable roofs for indoor patios and large spaces without intermediary obstacles.

U-value from 1.4 W/m²K

Create unique and highly efficient spaces with TB profiles and triple glazing.

Natural light and warmth all year round

Improve your customers' or visitors' experience while saving on energy bills.

Custom development and special shapes

We study and design the best solution to create unique and exclusive projects.

Opening for up to 90% air circulation

Greater comfort for your home or business with large light openings and natural air circulation.

Offset glass

Glazing system that creates a flat surface preventing water accumulation.

Snow loads up to 700 kg/m²

The perfect solution for areas with extreme weather, snow and/or strong wind loads.

Noise insulation Rw up to 45 dB

Reduce acoustic transmission between the interior and exterior of your home or business.

Steel chain and wire rope traction *

It completely prevents elasticity and considerably increases the system's durability.

Cataphoresis treatment

Treatment for making fixing supports and traction mechanisms last longer.

Integrated LED lighting *

Cosmetically built into the system and operated via remote control.

Systems featuring home automation *

Control the retractable roof from any smartphone or device.

Rain, wind and sun sensors *

Areas will be automatically protected when the sensors are triggered.

Cutting-edge Somfy motors

Tubular motors by Somfy – a reference brand in automation with 40 years' experience.

Built-in sun protection *

Add protection from high sun exposure with specialised glazing and/or built-in canopies.

Unlimited system length

Create roofs with unlimited lengths to cover large spaces such as indoor patios.

Double glazing up to 28 mm

Setup up to 28 mm double glazing for optimum performance as required.

Triple glazing up to 58 mm

Improved efficiency and thermal performance thanks to triple glazing and double space profiles.

Increased profitability and comfort for your business

Increase the space for your customers, improve their comfort and achieve a plus in design.

Retractable roofs with up to 12 m of projection and glass panels up to 4 m wide.

Let natural light flood into any room.

Their optimum performance and large dimensions make our retractable and fixed roofs the perfect option for creating new spaces in hotels, restaurants, and large businesses.

They can be used to create a larger useful space in terraces, gazebos, greenhouses, solariums, attics, swimming pools, etc.

U-values from 1.4W/m²K.

True Thermal Break for a U-value = 1.4 W/m²K.

The T7003 RPT series is the first retractable roof series on the market equipped with true Thermal Break and triple glazing for unprecedented thermal performance.

Fully water- and airtight retractable roof systems.

Creates totally protected spaces without the need for major renovations.

Our retractable roof systems are manufactured with a glazing system, profiles and sealing gaskets specially designed to ensure tightness against rain and wind.

Mobile roofing with automated opening of up to 90%.

Get back full contact with the outer world in a matter of seconds.

Their automatic actuation, powered with cutting-edge motors, makes the opening and closing of our folding roofs as simple as pressing a button.

Airclos T6000 Retractable roof and E20 sliding glass walls. Outdoor dining room for The Lazy Pig in the Pantry Restaurant, Chesham, United Kingdom

Expand your home or increase the profitability of your business.

Create new spaces and enjoy the outdoors any time of the year with our retractable roof systems.

Our enclosures featuring retractable roofs systems stand out for how easy they are to adapt to every moment, ensuring you get to enjoy the outdoors any time of the year. Change from a covered to a totally open terrace by simply pressing the remote control.

Efficient architecture and sustainable spaces.

Improves energy efficiency by reducing costs and environmental impact.

The thermal insulation, the great entry of natural light and heat, and the possibility of totally opening the motorised roof system make it possible to improve the level of comfort in any room with minimum power consumption.

Connected to the most advanced home automation applications.

Automatic roofs integrated with the most advanced home automation applications available.

The motorised system is fully compatible with wind, rain and sun sensors; and applications such as IFTTT, AMAZON ALEXA and HOMEKIT.

Customise every detail in your mobile roofing.

Make the system your own by customising every detail.

You can fully adapt its design to your lifestyle or the needs of your business by choosing between different series, profile finishes, and glass or panel configurations, or by incorporating other accessories such as an innovative home automation system.

Fixed and Retractable Roof Series.

Discover the main features of our series.
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Large motorised roofs with triple glazing with an Ug Value of 0.5 W/m²K

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T8000 ER

Special retractable roof system for snow loads up to 700 kg/m² with the possibility of glass panels up to 4-m wide.

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Retractable roofs specially designed to provide larger lighting apertures between beams. The innovative design of its profiles makes this roof the sturdiest option in the range.

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T7003 RPT

The first retractable roof series on the market equipped with true Thermal Break and triple glazing for unprecedented thermal performance.

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Our series of motorised roofs specially designed to cover large spaces with excellent results in terms of air tightness and insulation.

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T6000 F

Specially designed to cover large spaces with excellent results in terms of air tightness and insulation.

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Fixed glass roof that provides great thermal insulation, as well as remarkable lightning.

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Some of our projects.
The Phoenicia Malta · Floriana, Malta

The Phoenicia, Malta

Meraki Restaurant · Riyadh, Arabia Saudí

Meraki Restaurant, Riyadh

Le Père Joseph · Rueil-Malmaison, France

French style veranda for a restaurant

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