Sandwich panel roofs.

Sandwich panel roofs are the perfect choice for a fully opaque finish with no entry of light.

Advantages of sandwich panel enclosures.

  • Light structure.
  • Highly resistant to impacts.
  • Different insulation thicknesses.
  • Great variety of finishes: white, anodised, silver, bronze, gloss, matte, etc.
  • No maintenance required.

Most common applications for insulated sandwich roof panels in attics and terraces.

Full sandwich panel roof system.

The sandwich panel ceilings create an enclosure that provides shade areas where the incidence of sunlight is excessive.

This versatile roof can be fully opened to regain contact with the outdoors.

Retractable roofs that combine sandwich panels and glass.

Sandwich panels can be installed in combination with glass panels, thus creating selective shade areas.

Sandwich panel fixed roofs.

As in the first application, the whole enclosure is composed of sandwich panels, but in this case, this system cannot be opened.

This option is perfect for enclosures that prioritise privacy and/or shade.

It can be used in areas with excessive incidence of sunlight, or where extra privacy is required, such as interior terraces next to neighbours' patios.

An interesting addition to the above-mentioned cases is to install LED lights to the retractable roof to ensure lighting at all times.

These lights are easily controlled with the same remote control as the rest of the system, thus facilitating operations.

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