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Bi-fold Doors

Airclos minimalist bifold doors are perfect for closing open spaces or dividing interiors.

Glass panels ? 4.5 m high

Its impact effect combined with its minimalist design will captivate your customers and visitors.

Glass panels ? 1.2-m wide

Create panoramic views in which glass and views play the leading role

Up to 200 kg per panel

Its bottom rollers make it possible to use larger panels safely.

Vertical section measuring just 74 mm

The narrowest vertical section on the market for a completely minimalist design.

Completely open spaces

Greater comfort for your home or business with large light openings and natural air circulation.

Custom development and special shapes

We study and design the best solution to create unique and exclusive projects.

U-value from 1.54 W/m²K

Highly efficient spaces thanks to cutting-edge profiles and glazing.

Great noise insulation

Reduce noise transmission between the interior and exterior of your home or business.

Strong wind loads

Special reinforcement for seismic zones, high altitude locations or areas with strong wind loads.

Security locks

Create large and fully secure entrance doors to your home or business.

Natural light and warmth all year round

Improve your customers' or visitors' experience while saving on energy bills.

Cataphoresis treatment

Treatment for making fixing supports and traction mechanisms last longer.

Interior drainage system with outlet *

Discreet drainage system that makes it possible to redirect water without altering the design.

Increased profitability and comfort for your business

Increase the space for your customers, improve their comfort and achieve a plus in design.

Minimalist aluminium foldable doors with Uw-values from 1.54 W/m²K.

Install folding sliding doors with unbeatable thermal insulation and create more efficient spaces.


Our top-range foldable doors are capable of reaching a thermal transmittance coefficient of Uw = 1.54 W/m²K, thus achieving the most restrictive levels of thermal insulation.

Thanks to this, maximum thermal comfort is guaranteed in your home or business, without increasing your energy bill and reducing the carbon footprint.



Glass panels up to 4.5 m high and 1.2 m wide for a total opening up to 90%.

Create large folding doors systems with panoramic views.

Transparency is one of the main features of our aluminium enclosures and bi-fold sliding doors as a result of their large dimensions. Besides, once opened, the system only takes up 10% of the total space, which facilitates the installation of large doors and creates panoramic views.

Enclose a room completely or regain full contact with the outside in a matter of seconds.

Fully water- and airtight aluminium folding doors.

Create spaces fully protected from rain and wind.

Our systems are manufactured with double, triple or quadruple sealing gaskets (depending on the series) specially designed to ensure greater watertightness and improve thermal performance.

Wide variety of openings.

Adjust the opening of your foldable sliding door system and use different panel combinations depending on the needs of the project.

Panels may be folded inwards, outwards, all to the right, all to the left or in the centre. Since the system offers multiple opening options, it is possible to decide to which side to fold the panels depending on the occasion.


Maximum convenience for glass cleaning.

Reach the outer face of the aluminium folding door system easily.

The outer hinges are equipped with a removable pin, which makes it possible to detach the panels to clean the glass, even those areas that are difficult to reach.

Customize your folding sliding doors beyond colour.

Exclusive finishes, curved and polygonal shapes or safety glass.

Each of our series is custom-designed, thus allowing for extra customisation. Choose the number of panels, the opening direction, the position of the bottom guide or the types of glass, among many other options.

Bi-fold Door Series.

Discover the main features of our series.
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S220 RPT

The S220 RPT is a series of specially reinforced bifold sliding doors. It is our most versatile series: It combines minimalism, large dimensions and great […]

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S200 RPT

Our most versatile series: It combines minimalism, large dimensions and great thermal performance in the same system.

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Specially reinforced series with thermal break, and triple sealing gasket, reaching thermal insulation values (Uw) of up to 2.6 W/m²K.

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Reinforced series with triple sealing gasket, perfect for windy areas.

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Some of our projects.
The Phoenicia Malta · Floriana, Malta

The Phoenicia, Malta

Meraki Restaurant · Riyadh, Arabia Saudí

Meraki Restaurant, Riyadh

Le Père Joseph · Rueil-Malmaison, France

French style veranda for a restaurant

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