3 Ideas for Retractable Enclosures.

A retractable enclosure can help us to enjoy more the outdoor spaces of our home or business, or even increase their market value. If you are thinking about installing a sliding enclosure, find three great ideas in this article.

Retractable enclosures for pools

Whether in a private home or business, the pool is the meeting place par excellence during the summer season. However, if not during this season, it is a completely unused space which we only remember about when it needs maintenance.

Sliding pool enclosures are the perfect choice to enjoy this space regardless of the season. Whether thinking of your family, if it is a private home, or your customers, if it is a business, having the possibility of enjoying the benefits of this space throughout the year will undoubtedly make a difference in terms of the level of comfort.

The greenhouse effect produced by the glass of retractable enclosures will help to maintain pleasant water temperatures all year round in a completely natural way. In this way, the maintenance costs of a heated swimming pool that solely relies on electrical systems can be reduced.

The advantage over covered swimming pools offered by sliding pool enclosures is that they provide ventilation and prevent the accumulation in the air of toxic elements released by the chemicals used to treat the water.

Finally, being less exposed to the outdoors, the swimming pool will remain cleaner and need less maintenance (as there is not excessive dust, rain and other agents).

Retractable enclosures for terraces

Motorised enclosures for patios and terraces are one of the easiest options if we want to increase the internal area of our home or business.

Retractable enclosures create a roofed and fully watertight space without the need for major building work. In addition, with a motorised retractable enclosure, the roof can be opened at any time to regain full contact with the outdoors.

Thanks to this, the additional space that the terrace or patio offer can be used regardless of the time of the year.


Retractable enclosures for use indoors.

Sliding glass enclosures are also the perfect choice when we want to create large openings for light and natural heat. As explained in the case of swimming pools at the beginning of this article, the greenhouse effect that the sunlight entering through the glass produces illuminates and heats areas naturally, thus saving in energy consumption and reducing our impact on the environment.

This effect makes glass enclosures, especially sliding enclosures, highly demanded in areas with few hours of sunshine and/or low temperatures.


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