How to close off a terrace using aluminium systems.

Terraces are usually one of the most sought-after spaces when looking to buy a new home or hospitality establishment. However, as they are often underused due to changes in temperature, more and more homeowners want to close off their terraces.

Everybody is familiar with the image: a restaurant with a beautiful outdoor terrace that is fully packed in spring or summer, but completely empty when the temperatures drop, and the gentle summer breeze gives way to the winter chill. The restaurant thus misses out on a large number of tables and therefore a large number of customers.

Fortunately, the solution is very simple. In this article you will find some ideas to close off the terrace of your restaurant that can also be used as inspiration if you are thinking of closing off the terrace of your home.

Airclos aluminium systems are the perfect solution for closing off and protecting terraces during the cold months, and then fully opening them up again during the warmer months.

How to close off a terrace

One of the first things to think about when it comes to closing off a terrace using aluminium systems is the basic structure from which to start.

Below are some of the main scenarios that restaurant and homeowners who want to install an enclosure on their terrace often face.

Vertical terrace enclosure.

The most common scenario. This type of enclosure is usually installed whenever a restaurant or home has a covered terrace or porch. This type of space is usually covered but has one or more open sides, which makes it unpleasant to use in the coldest months of the year.

To do so, a large, glazed enclosure should be installed to cover as much area as possible and preserve the view and natural light so that the customers can enjoy them as if they were outdoors. It is usually the most common option for closing off small terraces in homes.

This can be achieved using aluminium bi-fold doors or sliding glass walls.

Bigger spaces.

The restaurant or home already has a terrace or outdoor area, and owners want to use it throughout the year. This will be of particular interest to business owners, as it means they can increase the space available to serve customers and therefore increase profitability.

In this case, a new enclosure system can be installed on one or more of the walls of the main building.

In this case, the retractable roof is the key element, so a vertical system is installed to cover each of the free sides (with no existing wall).

This can be achieved using: glass roofs + aluminium bi-fold doors or sliding glass walls.

Independent terrace.

It is possible to take it a step further and create a completely independent terrace where none of the existing walls of the main building are used.

This option is very common when, due to urban planning requirements or the characteristics of the location itself, there must be a separate terrace from the main building.


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