Folding patio doors.

Design incredible spaces to use at any time of the year thanks to our folding sliding doors for outdoor use.

Advantages of exterior bifold doors

  • Very easy to open and close.
  • When the system is closed, the room is completely sealed.
  • When the system is open, it takes up minimum space and restores full contact with the outside.
  • Wide range of series with different insulation thicknesses.

Aspects to consider when choosing an aluminium bifold patio door system for outdoor use

Exterior bi-fold doors are mainly used for terraces, porches and balconies. The main aim of this system is to extend the use of these outdoor areas to any season of the year (not only in summer) either for our home or business (restaurant terraces, hotel rooms, etc).

In this case, when choosing glass bifold doors for outdoor use, it is very important to think about the final use of this area in the long term and its location.

If it is a space for sporadic use, that simply needs to be a bit sheltered from rain and the cold, choose from the lighter series of our range (especially for temperate areas).

However, if this space will be regularly used, as in the case of a dining room or a restaurant terrace, it is better to choose exterior bi-fold doors from one of the more robust series of our range.

In the case of areas of slightly more extreme temperatures, a series with Thermal Break is, without a doubt, the right choice.

But not only aluminium is important in these cases. Whenever installing folding exterior doors, the technical features of the glass must be seriously considered.

Glass panels facilitate the creation of fully customised glass structures adapted to the needs of each project.

Click on the link to learn more about how to choose the suitable glass for a  Bi-fold Glass Door System.

Finally, the option of replacing the glass with aluminium panels or with louvred systems must be considered.

Aluminium panels offer a great thermal performance and a fully opaque finish that provides great privacy if you want the inside of the room to be hidden from view when the system is closed.

The louvred system offers a lower thermal performance but enables the entry of light without losing privacy.

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