Glass Bi-fold Doors.

Create great entrances with panoramic views with our aluminum folding doors.

Advantages of Airclos folding glass doors

  • Create large openings for natural light and panoramic views.
  • Possibility to create customised panels combining different types of glass (tempered, laminated, etc.), and different finishes (acoustic glass, sun protection glass, etc.).
  • Our bi-fold glass doors have a unique removable hinge system to clean the panels from inside the room, even in difficult to reach areas such as balconies.

How to Choose the Suitable Glass for a Sliding Bi-fold Glass Door System

Selecting the glass for bi-fold glass doors for exterior use

Whenever installing folding sliding glass doors, the technical features of the glass must be seriously considered, especially if the system will be installed outdoors.

Using glass panels in our aluminum bi fold patio doors facilitate the creation of fully customised glass structures adapted to the needs of each project.

You can choose high thermal performance glass in places with extreme temperatures, glass with sun protection in areas of high incidence of sunlight, acoustic glass to increase privacy, bi-fold tempered glass doors when in need of greater safety against impacts (for example in businesses), etc.

Choosing the glass for glass bi-fold doors for interior use

Foldable glass doors for indoor use are much easier to choose.

This type of system is mainly used to divide rooms, so the aspects to consider are much more aesthetic.

In this case, the trend is to choose thin profile systems, with a more minimalist design.

The glass finish will only be important in case of wanting to add some kind of privacy to the areas (translucent finish) or some decorative element such as Georgian bars or mullions.

This type of division is especially attractive for bi-fold glass doors, when we want to create multidisciplinary spaces in businesses.

When closing the system, these spaces are completely divided, and when opening the system, the spaces are completely integrated again.

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