Airclos T8000 ER – Special system for heavy loads of snow and large glass.

Airclos products have been designed to be installed in many different situations. Therefore, each system is aimed at covering very specific needs within the market. To address one of these needs, Airclos introduces its new T8000 ER series.

The main objectives to be achieved with this new system are:

  • Increase the load on the system. Particularly interesting for heavy snow weather.
  • Increase the load of the system. Designed to be installed with large glass panels.

In search of the best solution:

Airclos' roof range, whether retractable or fixed, is carefully designed since, given their role, they are critical elements in any malfunction situation.

Overall, their performance depends mainly on the following factors:

  • Weight: the use of glass places a significant load on the structural elements that make up the roof.
  • Weather impact: wind and snow loads that the roof or enclosure must withstand during its useful life without being damaged in any way.
  • Geometry: especially the slope of the enclosure which partly determines the type of motor to be used.

These factors determine the final properties of each roof.

For example, the more windy and snowy the location conditions are, the more the roof's structural elements will be reinforced, even to the extent of using thicker glass.

It is therefore important to know how much the elements to be mounted weight, and how the anchorage points withstand them.

In line with the above, the elements that are part of each project need to be checked. These checks are carried out in accordance with the following regulations:

  • Calculation of loads to which the enclosure will be subjected: They are dimensioned and distributed according to EUROCODE 0 and 1 applicable throughout Europe.
  • Glass sizing: In the absence of a single national or European standard, the NF DTU 39 P4 French standard was chosen.
  • Structural safety of the profiles that make up the enclosure: EUROCODE 0 and EUROCODE 3 are used for steel construction and EUROCODE 9 for aluminium construction.


T8000 ER points for improvement.

  • 36 mm thick double glazing: The appropriate glass combination for each roof will be chosen depending on the final application of the system. If the roof is expected to withstand heavy snow load, a more reinforced composition and smaller glass will be chosen. On the other hand, if the aim is to install large glass panels that will not bear any extra load, larger and lighter glass panels can be used.
  • Double air space profile: Facilitates the fitting of a support bracket and double the number of skid blocks, thus reinforcing the profile and improving traction.
  • Special reinforcement: Specially reinforced cavity to add more reinforcements to increase the load capacity of the system.
  • 83 mm section: A design with special width profiles to improve the performance of the system.

When the installation of a T8000 ER series retractable roof with Thermal Break becomes interesting.

Taking into account the advantages mentioned above, this system is ideal in the following cases:

  • Special reinforcement for snow loads up to 700 kg/m²: 

The perfect solution for areas that experience highland and/or extreme climates (such as the Swiss Alps or Scandinavia), where in some cases snow loads of up to 700 kg/m² can be reached. Conventional retractable roof solutions are not suitable for such high-load values.

In comparison, it can be stated that the panels of the new T8000 ER series are twice as strong as the conventional T8000-series panels, and the reinforced version is up to 4 times better.

  • Glass panels up to 4-m wide: 

In addition, the new T8000 ER is not only suitable for areas experiencing extreme climate. In more favourable situations, it can cover larger widths with the least amount of intermediate profiles. Thanks to this unique design, glass panels up to 4-m wide can be installed.

Comparison of resistance.



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