4 Key Aspects of Retractable Glass Roofs that Ensure Water- and Air Tightness.

Watertightness is defined as the ability of an enclosure system to prevent water from passing from the outside to the inside of the room.

We usually refer to "tightness" when it comes to preventing air and wind from entering but the meaning is the same.

Within the world of metallic carpentry, the watertightness of the systems is one of the biggest concerns for manufacturers, advisers and users alike.

This concept is particularly interesting in the case of retractable and fixed roofs since, by definition, they are designed to protect the people and furniture they shelter.

In this article, you will find out more about how we manufacture our completely watertight enclosure systems at Airclos.

Preventing water stagnation in retractable and fixed enclosures is essential

The risk of leakage will be higher when water is left stagnant over the system for a longer period of time. This can cause small leaks or even damages to the mechanism in case of an abundant or long-term leakage.

To prevent stagnation, our enclosure systems have several features, as we will review below, which are particularly important in the case of retractable roofs.

Minimum slope of 8% and drainage system

Intense rainfall periods present the highest threat in these cases, as the risk of water accumulation on the roof is greater.

For this purpose, our retractable roofs are equipped with two essential features that guarantee instant water drainage: its slope and drain.

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  • This slope should be of at least 8% to ensure that the water runs properly to the drain.
  • The design of the drainage system will depend on the project characteristics previously studied by our technical team, although the standard design consists of a gutter and at least two downspouts.

Offset glass

The glass used in Airclos fixed and retractable enclosures is inserted flush into the aluminium frame and sealed with a structural silicone gasket to create a completely smooth surface where water stagnation is not possible.

Brush seals and sealing gaskets to prevent leakage

The product features different systems of gaskets and brush seals strategically placed between the panels and in the cover rails to prevent leakage.

Brush seals are particularly important since they protect the system from damage and ensure a longer durability of the product.

Other accessories that guarantee complete tightness

Other accessories, such as the rain sensors or the remote connection of the motorised roof thanks to automation are great allies in preventing water from entering the room even if they are not directly related to the watertightness.

Thanks to this type of accessories, the system can be closed in case of sudden rain if the retractable glass roof is open and we have no access to the manual closing.


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