3 Examples that Show The Potential of Terrace Enclosures for Restaurants that Want to Make a Difference.

Terrace enclosures for restaurants are the products our customers require the most since having a sheltered outdoor area can make a difference for businesses in the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, pubs, among others).

Covered terraces at bars are particularly cost-effective due to two main reasons:

  1. They allow customers to enjoy the terrace any season of the year, thus enhancing the attractiveness of place.
  2. They increase the business capacity and, therefore, its profitability.

In addition, this kind of enclosures for the catering industry have become even more relevant due to the COVID-19 crisis. The reason is obvious: hospitality professionals are increasing their capacity by creating an outdoor area that, in spite of being totally covered, allows for easy air circulation, thus increasing health security.

In this article, we would like to introduce you to the terrace enclosure for bars that we have manufactured for three of our most important customers in the hospitality industry.

These are three restaurants in which managers wanted to pay special attention to the design of their businesses by investing in a terrace enclosure and taking advantage of the benefits this may bring against their competitors.

The Botanical Garden, Café en Seine, Dublin, Ireland

Café en Seine is one of the most spectacular landmarks in Dublin. Inaugurated in 1993, it soon became a must-see place for locals and visitors.

In 2019, the complex made up of different spaces was completely renovated to offer its customers a completely renewed experience.

Café en Seine is divided into three spaces with a great design: The Bar, The Restaurant, and The Botanical Garden.

This part of the article will focus on The Botanical Garden and the terrace enclosure of the restaurant in Dublin.

This Parisian-inspired scenario tries to recall a small dreamy outdoor garden full of cafés and bars.

One of the main components of its design is certainly the terrace covered by our motorised retractable roof.

Our customer wanted to create an outdoor area full of natural light but totally prepared for the changing Irish weather. Therefore, including a 100% motorised glass roof was an essential requirement in the new design.

Covering this space was not easy. Our technicians developed a custom-built 28 m long  and 7 m of projection motorised sliding roof  (13 modules  of 5 panels each).

On days with good weather, the retractable roof may be opened. Otherwise, it may be closed.

Thus, the innovative terrace enclosure for this restaurant allows customers to enjoy natural light, taking advantage of the greenhouse effect that keeps the heat in.

Can you imagine such a project in your business? I'm interested!

The Orangery, The Lazy Pig in the Pantry, Chesham, United Kingdom

In the beautiful commercial city of Chesham, United Kingdom, we find The Lazy Pig in the Pantry. In this cosy home-style restaurant, every detail has been carefully chosen to create a unique atmosphere.

Customers come here driven by excellent reviews about its seasonal cuisine and its great experience in cocktail making. However, once inside, they are captivated by its cosy decoration and unique design. A quest for creating the perfect experience for visitors is the core of this business.

The Lazy Pig in the Pantry is divided into three main spaces: The Snug, The Private Dining Room, and The Orangery.

Today, we will focus on the last one, The Orangery.

Located at the front of the building, its impressive glass veranda is the first thing visitors see when they arrive.

It is a beautiful space designed for booking small private events. However, when there are no scheduled events, this space is opened to visitors, considerably increasing the restaurant's capacity. In fact, thanks to this new space, the restaurant can provide its service to 26 diners more.

The terrace enclosure in this part of the restaurant is made of three sets of glass sliding doors from the E20 Glass Wall Series and one of our motorised retractable roofs from the T6000 Series. This space is different from the rest due to its versatility.

When the weather is good, it is opened completely to provide diners with direct access to the outdoor garden and barbecue area.

In winter, it is closed and conditioned by means of heaters, ensuring maximum comfort while maintaining the beautiful views that make the The Orangery by The Lazy Pig in the Pantry experience unique.

Our systems with minimalist and not very intrusive lines are perfectly integrated into the home-style design, creating the perfect solution for this project.

Do you want to increase the capacity and profitability of your restaurant? Of course!


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Grand-Café De Twee Wezen, Hengelo, Netherlands

Grand- Café De Twee Wezen is a famous restaurant located in the centre of Hengelo.

Its visitors will be delighted by the way it perfectly combines traditional and welcoming design typical of the Netherlands with a young staff and innovative offer both in its menu and in the several events that are organised throughout the year.

Despite having everything, Grand- Café De Twee Wezen started last season without paying attention to one of the main demands of the local public: a covered terrace for this bar-restaurant to enjoy the outdoor area without suffering the severity of the changing Dutch weather.

Aware of the imperative need for a covered terrace for customers, the business managers set to work.

A temporary solution was installed while the final design was being developed, permits were obtained, and suppliers were found. That is when they came across our product.

Our motorised roof from the T-6000 Series was the ideal solution for covering a terrace with more than 30 linear meters in order to offer the possibility of opening or closing the space according to the weather and needs of the visitors.

To complement the terrace enclosure of this restaurant, a retractable awning and heaters that allow for a better adaptation to weather have been included.

All these components, including the retractable roof, are efficiently connected to the automation centre of the restaurant, so that any employee can operate the mechanism from a single control point.

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