Oslo, Norway

Outdoor covered spa in Norway.

Oslo, Norway
Installed products
Airclos T6000 - Retractable and fixed roofs

This is a clearwater sample of the combination of all our range of AIRCLOS systems.

Project built with the Airclos automatic retractable roof T6000 3/4 in white finished, glazed with sandwich panel for a better insulating, in one side joined with and an Aircos frameless glass curtain E45 and on the other side, when a better insulation is needed, the Airclos S55 Series.

It may be completely opened in summer, to enjoy the few and valuable sunny hours in the north of Europe, as well as completely closed to get a hot water bath in the spa looking the snowy days.


Discover the T7000 RPT. The first series of retractable roofs on the market with longitudinal TB.

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