Grand-Café De Twee Wezen · Hengelo, Países Bajos

Terrace roof of a restaurant in the Netherlands.

Grand-Café De Twee Wezen · Hengelo, Países Bajos
Horeca Zonwering Nederland
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Airclos T6000 - Retractable and fixed roofs

Located in the historic centre of Hengelo, the Grand-Café De Twee Wezen stands out for its aesthetic, that combines a classic style with modern touches. Inside, we can enjoy a warm and homely atmosphere in an attractive space full of details.

The purpose of this project was to replicate this cosy atmosphere in the restaurant's terrace. A roof from our T6000 series was installed for this purpose.

This system is completely airtight and offers great thermal performance, so customers can enjoy the new and cosy terrace, no matter the season.