Grand Pier · Bristol, United Kingdom

Retractable roof and glass walls on the beach in Bristol.

Grand Pier · Bristol, United Kingdom
Installed products
Airclos T6000 - Retractable and fixed roofs

Allow the use of the terraze bar during full year, sheltering the clients from the strong wind in the area as well as the typical cold weather in this area of UK.

This retractable roof on conservatory Grand Pier in UK is composed with one the biggest glass and automatic motorized aluminum roof done by us.

Made with our Retractable Roof Skylight Systems T6000, with a span of 36 m and a projection of 5.5 m, without any kind of medium support, with 20 bays/modules of 1.8 m width each one, giving this way a big light and sunlight entrance.

The motors are managed with a remote control, giving us a complete and customized opening of the bays/modules, being able to open the bays/modules partially as well as regulating the % of the opening of each bay/module.

The roof was installed tighter a big frontal special customized Airclos sliding glass walls A32, tested for a wind load of 180 km/h of 36 meters with and 2,4 m height, the frameless glass curtain is continuous, no columns each some number of panels, are about 46 panels continuous stacked in an special parking/bay area designed for this project. The columns of the frontal support of the roof, are settled behind the glass of the systems, doing a complete glass systems without divisions.

The fitting area is a salty environment, a coastal area, so all the profiles has a special marine treatment to avoid rust durning the years.