Punta Cana, República Dominicana

Folding door system with security locks.

Punta Cana, República Dominicana
Installed products
Airclos S55 R - Bi-fold doors

This project with Bifold Doors in a Private Villa has been performed with our Airclos bifold doors S55R (enforced), with a grey RAL finished, safety key-locks.

This project is singular, due the big size of the openings. The size of each panel of such bifolding doors are about 850 mm width by an amazing height of 3800 mm.

The Airclos quality and hardiness product makes these systems may open and close smoothly even with the big size of the panels.

These Airclos systems, allow to the end user a complete opening to the outside of his home, a customized opening, being able to combine open or closed doors as per his need in any moment of the season.