Selective glass.

Also known as smart glass, it is characterised by its high energy efficiency. This glass works on thermal insulation, adapting itself to the external weather conditions and protecting against insolation without hindering the entry of light.

Depending on the type of weather, it is possible to opt for a high solar control (Solar Factor or G-value, preventing heat from entering), or a low emissivity (Thermal Transmittance or U-value, preventing heat from escaping), or combine both options.

Selective glass properties.

It is a high-quality energy efficient product that can reflect up to 70% of indoor heat in cold seasons and keep a room warm, and in hot seasons reflects indoor cool conditions, maintaining a pleasant temperature at all times.

The main objective of low-emissivity glass is to prevent the energy generated indoors (whether hot or cold) from 'escaping' outdoors. This reduces energy consumption and therefore saves money.

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