Motorisation for Airclos retractable roofs, an innovative alternative for all kinds of projects.

Motorisation is one of the most important aspects in the manufacture of retractable roofs. Therefore, finding the optimal motor configuration for each project is one of the most relevant tasks that our technicians carry out when designing a motorised roof.

Three key aspects must be taken into account to find an optimal motorisation solution for retractable roofs:

  • Performance
  • Power
  • Cost

The perfect solution for each project can be found in the balance of these three elements. 

For a better understanding of how our technicians select the most suitable option, here are the different types of motors and most common applications.

Tubular motors: the optimal solution for domestic and small business use.

When facing projects that do not require a high-powered motor, the choice is opting for the installation of tubular motors.

It is mainly a matter of cost-effective motorisation with enough power to drive standard roofs without specific requirements. In addition, these motors are perfectly integrated into the roof due to their dimensions and shape.

It is the most common option for domestic or small business projects whose electrical installation is not usually prepared for three-phase motorisation.

There are different models of tubular motors.

400 W tubular motor of the Somfy brand

It is most commonly used in this type of cases. This motor features wireless technology which stands out especially for its perfect integration in home automation and connected home.

855 W tubular motor of the Somfy brand

Within this same range of projects, some designs may need a higher power requirement, for example, in cases where the output exceeds 9m.

This motorisation system for retractable roofs is usually used for this type of case. It is also suitable for home automation connection, but with a higher power that will enable an increase in the load and therefore reach longer projections.



Roofs will usually be manufactured with a tubular motor when:

  • More power is not necessary and its dimensions and slope are within the standard.
  • Integration with home automation is an important aspect.

Within the range of tubular motors, it is important to choose the one that best suits your project, taking into account the three aspects indicated in the introduction: performance, power and cost.


Somfy 1100 W three-phase motors: the choice for large-scale projects or special features

The new three-phase motors add extra power that drastically expands our capacity to provide solutions for projects with special characteristics. In addition, despite its high power, its compact dimensions can be satisfactorily integrated into the design of our retractable roofs.

Potential candidates for the use of this type of motor are projects in which motorised sliding roofs stand out for:

  • Projection: for roofs with a projection of more than 9m that requires a longer motor duration. This type of motor has a duration of 10 minutes before the emergency shutdown that prevents overheating, while for tubular motors it is only 4 minutes.
  • Width: for roofs with many lanes, a large number of tubular motors is necessary. Our team will evaluate in these cases whether the installation can be simplified and efficiency improved by using three-phase motors, as fewer motors will be required.
  • Weight: When glass adds excessive weight to the single-phase motors, such as in the case of the T8000 with triple glass, choose the installation with a three-phase motor.
  • Slope: When the slope is very steep, the power required to lift the glass will be greater. That is why, thanks to three-phase motors, roofs with greater slopes can be manufactured.

Adaptation to international markets

The motorisation used for European projects is normally compatible with projects located in Asia, Africa and Oceania, but are not compatible for most territories in the American market.

For this end, we also work with motors with 120v voltage and 60hz frequency which is the most common in these territories (in Europe is usually 240v and 50hz).

Somfy motors: guaranteed reliability

Choosing the best quality components is essential in order to guarantee our customers an impeccable final result, therefore, we work with the best suppliers in the market.

The Somfy brand has been a leader in the motorisation market for more than 50 years. Its products are constantly innovating to stay at the forefront of the market.

A fully reliable brand, which adds to the quality guarantee of our products.

Discover the T7003 RPT. The first series of retractable roofs on the market with longitudinal TB.

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