Glazed enclosure.

Are you considering installing a glazed enclosure at home or in your business? At Airclos, we help you to compare and choose between the three main products that the market offers for this purpose.

Glass enclosures with aluminium bi-fold doors

Aluminium bi-fold doors are, together with retractable and fixed roofs, our flagship product from this range. Bi-fold doors are the most versatile option for glazing porches and terraces. We especially love them because of:

  • High thermal insulation and watertightness: Airclos bi-fold door systems are available with Uw values from 1.3 W/m²K. An excellent thermal performance that will insulate the room completely when closed. At home, they are the perfect choice to close spaces where we spend a lot of time (living room, dining room, kitchen, etc.). In the case of hospitality businesses, they are the perfect choice if we want our customers to enjoy the outdoor spaces (terrace, swimming pool, etc.) regardless of the time of year.
  • Large dimensions for panoramic views: Even if profiles are required to ensure insulation and tightness, glass is also a major player. Our folding systems have glass panels of up to 3.5 m high and 1.1 m wide for a total opening of 90%. Thanks to this, full contact with the outside can be maintained no matter if the system is open or closed.

This is the perfect system to enjoy the views without sacrificing insulation and tightness.

Glass enclosures for terraces with glass walls

Glass walls are a glazing system with no vertical joints designed to give the user a fully enclosed space without missing out on any detail of the views. This is what makes it the king of glass enclosures for porches and terraces.

We especially like them for warm or temperate weather, when insulation and tightness are not important. They should be the choice when looking for a system that protects the room from dust, wind and water, but without compromising on transparency.

In addition, it is a more affordable system that will be a great option when looking for a glazed enclosure solution at a low price.

If total transparency to enjoy the views is a must, this is the right system.

Glass enclosures with vertical sliding windows

Vertical sliding windows offer a combination of very interesting advantages compared to the two previous options. It is a system that offers great thermal insulation and complete watertightness, with horizontal glass of up to 4m wide to enjoy wide panoramic views.

What we love about this system is the way it slides vertically, not taking up any space in the room. This innovative system can be opened towards the bottom as well as towards the top part.

When the sash window system is opened towards the bottom, it remains at an optimum safety height, acting as a railing. When it is opened towards the top, the panels hang down, allowing passage under the system.

Choose this system when there is little space for opening and manoeuvring the system, or when it has to serve as a railing once opened.



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