Julia's Park · Hague, Netherland

T8000 Retractable Roof – The Hague, in the Netherlands.

Julia's Park · Hague, Netherland
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Airclos T8000 - Retractable and fixed roofs

Due to its great versatility, the Airclos T8000 retractable roofs allows a large number of applications. A good example is the project we are carrying out in this emblematic building in the city of The Hague, in the Netherlands: Julia's Park.

The Facultative Authority wants a design that allows the entry of natural light, with an automatic system that allows a large opening.

For this purpose, different ceilings with a single module have been manufactured. These reach dimensions of up to 3,65m x 2,6m, allowing natural light to enter and helping to warm the rooms in the coldest times