Criteria for the selection of the most suitable glass.

Airclos systems are characterised by a minimalist design in which glass has a leading role. That is why the right choice of glass for each system is so important.

The market offers a wide range of glasses and finishes from which to choose the perfect glass for every need. Our team will assist you during this selection to choose the glass that best suits the characteristics of your project. The main criteria to be followed in this selection process are:

Glass for every need. Criteria for the selection of the most suitable glass:

1. Environmental criteria:

Maintaining comfort inside the home or business is one of the main goals in almost any type of project.

There are many factors that can affect comfort on which glass plays a role: temperature, humidity, air speed, noise level or lighting level, to name a few.

Determining which factors will have the greatest influence in each case is essential for the selection of the perfect glass.

2. Structural criteria:

The safety of the system is imperative, especially for glass roofs, since miscalculations could compromise the safety of people and/or damage the objects underneath. Therefore, the structural stability of the glass chosen must be ensured.

Deformations can influence the way the system withstands loads from its own weight, the wind, snow, earthquakes, etc.

Also, the way in which the enclosure influences building structure must be studied.

3. Economic criteria:

Budget is an important determining factor when selecting the right glass. It must be taken into account and make the right decisions so as not to increase costs unnecessarily.

4. Laws and regulations criteria:

Each country has its own building codes, which are a series of specific requirements that must also be met for enclosures and their materials. These requirements usually refer to structural design and personal safety, and are specific to each territory.

5. Aesthetic criteria:

The building's exterior aesthetics and the prescriber's or owner's own tastes are another decisive factor in the choice of glass.

This will be fundamental in enclosure systems such as ours since, as mentioned in the introduction above, glass represents the largest surface area of the system, greatly influencing the design of the facade.

Therefore, the colours, volumes, reflections and textures are crucial properties of the materials to take into account.

6. Installation criteria:

Installation methods should also be taken into account in the choice of glass. Factors such as ease of lifting and installation, fragility, weight and dimensions must be considered.

7. Maintenance criteria:

Regular cleaning of glass is of the utmost importance.

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