Airclos Aluminium Systems

More than 35 years of experience in the manufacture of enclosure systems and sun protection.

More than 35 years of experience in the manufacture of enclosure systems and sun protection.

How we do it

We distribute and install our systems anywhere in the world, thanks to an exclusive service based on four fundamental phases.


We adapt the system to your project.

Our team of technicians, made up of highly qualified personnel, studies and designs the best solution for each project in a unique and exclusive way. It is also constantly looking for ways to improve and develop new systems that better adapt to the changing needs of the market. Design, quality and technology come together in the products we develop.

Our technical team accompanies our clients throughout the whole process in order to create together the system that best suits the needs of their project.

We measure and analyse space.

We accompany our clients in on-site measurement and make the necessary modifications in the design according to the specific characteristics of the installation.

There are issues that are only detected on site and require the initial project to adapt to new circumstances, which is why it is so important to monitor each of the stages of the process.

The correct measuring and analysis of the installation site will be decisive to ensure our clients’ total satisfaction.

Airclos T6000 Retractable roof. Terrace roof of a restaurant, Hengelo, The Netherlands

We accompany and supervise on site.

During installation, we offer on-site support and supervision. In addition, our pre-installation training service is another of the fundamental foundations with which we ensure that the installation process runs smoothly.

Airclos Fittings and accessories

Our own guarantee and after-sales service.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of the Airclos Guarantee and our excellent after-sales service.

The company’s work philosophy is founded on the continuous improvement of quality and service to its clients. The idea of offering a good product includes, in addition to quality in production, an efficient, flexible and maximum safety after-sales service.

To achieve this, Airclos only manufactures systems it develops itself, which even includes the production of fittings and accessories. In this way, we can ensure an immediate and top quality after-sales service for the product’s entire useful life.

Our team of professionals.

At Airclos we share the same objective: to offer quality products, an exclusive service and to be at the forefront of technology, innovation and security in the enclosure systems sector.


Francisco Beredas

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Sonia Díaz

Secretary of Direction

Daniel Beredas

COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Fernando Palomares

Export Area Manager

Michel Dias

Export Area Manager (Francophone Market)

Elena Bolós

Budget & Project Analyst

Natalia Beredas

Budget & Project Analyst

Silvia Ballester

Budget & Project Analyst

Elena Ripollés

Purchasing Manager

Miguel Ángel Guirao

Purchasing Department

Luis Beredas

Purchasing Department

Rebecca Palau

CRDO (Chief Research and Development Officer)

Verónica Peinado

Project Engineer

Israel Rojas

Project Engineer

Oscar de la Torre

Structures & Project Engineer

Araceli Gil

Digital Marketing Manager

Lucia Clausell

Financial Control Officer

Yolanda Soriano

Chief Financial Officer

Gabriel Aliaga

Production Area

Adrián Beredas

Production Area

Constantin Petrescu

Production Area

Jamal El Ouaaziky

Production Area

José Miguel Ferrer

Production Area

Lucía Oria

Production Area

Luis Gascó

Production Area

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