The company

From the begining, AIRCLOS has earned a reputation as an aluminium systems specialist, enabling it to fast increase its sales and the scope of its operations. It thus managed to strike a perfect balance between meeting corporate objectives and offering the highest-quality, most innovative products.

How we work

Our growth has always been based on the creation of added value, thought effort, efficiency, innovation, vigour and the effective use of the advances afforded to us by technology. Design, quality and cutting-edge technology come together in the products developer by our technical department. Technological excellence is achieved through the numerous tests performed at our on-site facilities.



AIRCLOS regard the investment in R&D&I as one of our main assets, and this is the reason why the company’s growth policy is firmly grounded in the research and development of new high-quality systems.

Our technical departament is staffed by top-notch professionals who constantly are in search of ways to enhance existing systems and develop new ones that better adapt to changing market nedds.

In the field of R&D, AIRCLOS Works with numerous university departaments, research centres and companies in both Spain and abroad.



AIRCLOS provide training sessions for our customers, this is a process in which we introduce the company to them and provide them with detailed information about all of our products..

Training sessions are provided covering the following aspects:

  • Company presentation and visit the production facilities.
  • Catalogues and technical information for the different products.
  • Assembly and installation demonstrations.

For further information, or should you wish to schedule a training session, do not hesitate to contact us.


Logistics & Packaging

Shipments can be made to any location in Europe or Overseas, by ship, air or road.
Our products are moved in packaging that has been specially designed to ensure the good are delivered to our customers in perfect condition.

Our products are, likewise, duly labeled and accredited.

Our manufactured products are numbered and listed ready for installation on site, and accompanied by plans and instructions for the fitting of the different elements that make them up.


Post-sales services

The idea of supplying a good product involves, along with production quality, an effective and flexible post-sales service that may provide maximum security.

The working philosophy of AIRCLOS is based on continuous improvement of quality and the services that we provide for our customers.

AIRCLOS also manufacture the fittings and accessories used for our systems and, to this end, we dispose of a large stock for immediate replacement.


AIRCLOS produce your enclosures systems customized, at size, and we supply it completely finished. Ready to fit. If requested, we can supply the enclosure already glazed. + INFO


AIRCLOS makes profile systems for manufacturing the product yourself. We supply the profiles, accessories and necessary gaskets for the system you choose. + INFO