Systems for your own production

AIRCLOS makes profile systems for manufacturing the product yourself. We supply the profiles, accessories and necessary gaskets for the system you choose.

The available systems are: Bifold Sliding Doors, Retractable Roof Skylight and Sliding Glass Walls.

We also offer different finishes in all components you purchase to make it easy for our systems to become part of your range of products.

We provide geographical exclusivity, ensuring room for commercial influence and its potential expansion.



Likewise, we have developed an online pricing program; this will be able to allow you obtain the exact price of you folding sliding doors, in a quick and easy way. The price will be calculated as per specs of your system, such as measures, finished of profiles and/or series chosen.


Our highly qualified technical department, which is in charge of maintaining the high levels of quality and innovation of our products will be at your entire disposal. You will benefit from a continuous improvement of our systems and we are open to any improvement you suggest to increase your market share.

Working methods and custom solutions

We detail the entire manufacturing process of the different series. We also offer non-standard manufacturing solutions in order to make special folding sliding door for difficult applications.

On the other hand, we offer working methods for the more complicated products such as curved folding sliding door which, learning from the experts, will become a simple task both in the development and manufacturing.

Systems for your own production
Systems for your own production
Systems for your own production


We hand over to you the manufacturing program, developed by us, that quickly and easily calculates the material needed to manufacture – both profiles and accessories. The program chooses the right number and accessory right according to the opening, series and dimension of the folding sliding door. In the case of profiles, it also prepares a list with the number of bars for each profile required, the shears and discounts to be done, calculating that the trims are as few as possible.

Never forget the great advantage of working upon an already existing database.



A complete manufacturing manual where you will find instructions for all cutting, machining, processes as well as processes fitting, glass, etc.

  • How you have to cut each profile that makes up the system, with the proper cutting, machining and cutting formulas, depending on the series and the number of leaves and the type of glass.
  • All issues related to the installation of the locking components and their machining profiles.
  • Location of fittings and joints.


We will provide the tools, milling and machinery developed for the manufacture of the different systems.



To learn everything that is necessary for the product, we will accompany you and advice throughout the process. First, there will be training sessions at our facilities, dealing with commercial and technical issues. This training course focuses on practical measurements, manufacture and the assembly of the chosen system. In the same way, you will learn first hand the way we work, we will discuss the optimum commercial, administrative and production line of work.

We will guide you throughout the process. That is why we advise you on the setting up of the production process at your facilities and you will be supported by means of a monitor, in the manufacture of your first units.

Commercial, technical and information catalogues

We give all the technical material needed to help clients understand the system. We have a specific catalogue for each system: product, technical sheets, assembly instructions, etc.

You will have a variety of promotional catalogues, brochures, displays, photographs and advertisement catalogues, with slogans and different approaches depending on the final customer. With graphic design and a special presentation designed for the promotion of these products. In this way, you can save time in advertising tasks and directly send the materials to the printer, with the significant savings in design services that entails.

You will be able to begin a marketing campaign with full commercial advice and backing necessary to introduce this new system in the market, offering your clients the best way to promote and show the customer the advantages offered by this product.