E20 series

Simple, easy and comfortable to open and close. The rollers incorporated to the bottom of the panels enable them to slide almost effortlessly.

  • The glass leaves are manufactured using 10mm tempered glass with fully polished edges which give safe and easy operation.
  • We have 2 or 3-track guides, which can be combined to cover large spaces with maximum opening, allowing for an unlimited number of panels, which can be slid back on one or both sides, depending on your needs. You can close off large spans, without any vertical frames or pillars. Independent panels can be up to a width of 1.20 m, a height of 3.00 and a maximum
    weight of 70 kg.
  • The bottom guide can be either surface-mounted or inset in the floor, reducing even further the visual presence of aluminium and placing the emphasis on the views.
  • Offering a choice of different types of locking, with or without a key.
  • The panels used are 10 mm thick tempered glass, which can be either neutral or with solar control, in the latter case ensuring better thermal insulation. Variety of aluminium colours and finishes to choose from: anodised, RAL lacquered,


E-20 Airclos Tempered Glass Enclosure - Sliding Glass Walls


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