E45 series

Presents a stacking area of all the leaves placed at any wished end.

  • Tempered glass enclosures, without vertical members, made up of independent panels, allowing for full opening as they can be folded away and stacked at either end. Available in
    tempered glass with thicknesses of 8 or 10 mm and polished edges allowing for safe handling.
  • The panels open towards the interior and the bottom frame can either be superimposed or built into and fl ush with the fl oor.
  • The members are fi tted with horizontal spacers to compensate for any small level changes.
  • Available in lacquered fi nishes (210 tonalities from the RAL Classic range), decorated in imitation wood grain and lacquered to simulate an anodised fi nish. All of the visible accessories are also lacquered in the same fi nish as the members.


E 45 Sliding Glass Walls


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