Retractable Roof Skylight

Enjoy the sunlight all year and invite the outside at home.

Retractable Roof Skylight

AIRCLOS have the right retractable roof skylight system for every need, which can either have a fixed or moveable design depending on the application. The system is highly engineered and can be fully motorized for total convenience or manually operated.

Aluminium Retractable roof skylights are completely watertight and airtight and provide a high degree of insulation against the elements, ensuring optimal energy use. The high-quality design of the profiles that make up the system ensures that they are also lightweight.

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Our retractable roof may reach up to 7000mm exit without needing a medium structure. As far as the width of the module we can reach 2300mm with polycarbonate or 1800 mm with security double and air space glass.


We have adapted LED illumination to our profiles systems for retractable roof skyligth, giving an elegant sensation and at the same time it gives an excellent illumination.


Our roof skyligth systems can be provided reinforced with galvanized steel inside. Our design allows us to join our ceilings to any steel structure, being able to choose between different combinations of rain-gutters.


Our motorized roofs are available with laminated glass 4+4 mm or glass security chamber 3+3/15/4 tempered. You can choose various finishes or special properties that can be fitted in themselves.

Retractable Roof Skylight APPLICATIONS

Retractable Roof Skylight

Porches & Gardens

Swimingpools & Solariums

Retractable Roof Skylight Penthause

Balconies & Penthouse

Retractable Roof Skylight Large enclosures

Large enclosures

Retractable Roof Skylight SERIES

AIRCLOS customize a total of 6 series of retractable roof skylight which can be used to enclose open space. These are also different panel types to choose from: cellular polycarbonate, sandwich panel or double-paned glass, with each of these offering different technical and aesthetic features.

Depending on the leaves number we will get about a 66%, 75% or 80% free opening space.

Fixed roof

Fixed Roofs

Lightweight modular fixed light roof that clips together for simple installation. They can be easily combined with any of the other roofs.
Manual retractable roof skylight

Reversible Roofs

Retractable roof manually operated. Composed by 3 sliding panels and reversible openings.
Motorized retractable roof skylight

Motorized Roofs

T5000 SERIE: Operated by a push button or by a remote control. Depending on the size and the material of the panels, it may be set up with 3, 4 or 5 leaves.

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