Ready made systems

We produce your aluminum profile systems customized at size, and we supply it completely finished. Ready to fit. If requested, we can supply the aluminum profile systems already glazed, following your glass needed.


Excellent delivery times. Our products are transported with specially prepared packages to ensure perfect reception of the target material. Likewise, they are properly labelled and accredited.

Our products are duly numbered and signed so they can be easily placed together at the site.


We attach drawings and instructions for placement of the different elements that make up the unit.

If you wish, you can request a quote for an assembly monitor who will advise you onsite about the whole installation process, solving any problem that may arise.



Likewise, we have developed an online pricing program; this will be able to allow you obtain the exact price, in a quick and easy way. The price will be calculated as per specs of your system, such as measures, finished of profiles and/or series chosen.

Commercial, technical and information catalogues


All the documentation

We will provide you with all the documentation, advice and assessment you could need: from taking measurements, to assembly and perfect installation of our systems. Ask for fitting instructions so we will guide you during the installation process, technical data sheets, catalogues of our different products, etc.


Material for the promotion

We also have catalogues, brochures, as well as technical and very useful information material for the promotion and sale of our products.



Our Technical Department has a wide amount of experience in the manufacture of aluminium folding sliding door, they are here to serve you, to advise you and clear up any questions about the best solution and how a particular series or dimensions may fit your needs, etc.

We will advise you in a personalized, fast and qualified manner.

Quality guaranteed

We have a very high knowledge of the product, since we control all processes, starting from the design to manufacture and transportation. Our products undergo several quality controls throughout the production process – we review potential imperfections in the finishing and openings and measurements are checked prior to shipping.

The anodized profiles feature EURAS/EWAA Quality Mark.
Lacquered profiles have the Qualicoat seal of guarantee, meeting the parameters required by lacquering standards.

Our fitting systems, accessories and components are manufactured with the highest quality materials and processes. The quality is guaranteed both in exterior coating and manufacturing, caring even the exterior treatment of hidden attachments with a kataphoretic bath.

Aluminum profile systems being manufactured - Quality guaranteed
Aluminum profile systems being manufactured - Quality guaranteed