Success in VETECO 2016


During these weeks we have been revealing all the details of VETECO2016, the new series of products that we have presented and even the events in which we have participated.

Today we would like to summarize and tell you about the success of AIRCLOS in VETECO 2016.

As you know, VETECO is an important international fair focused on Windows, Facades and Solar Protection. An event that every year receives a large number of visitors from all over the world.

It is easy to observe the success of the fair by just taking a look at the results: 300 direct exhibitors, 80 Veteco Solar companies, 72,275 professional participants from 78 different countries and 5,000 architects. The numbers confirm the triumph of the fair without doubts (Data extracted from the official press release).

Success in VETECO 2016 for AIRCLOS as well

En el stand de nuestra compañía, European Aluminium Systems, se encontraban representadas tanto AIRCLOS (international market brand) and LAVERANDA10 (Spanish market brand).

Once there, our team welcomed the visitors to guide them through the whole exhibition, where some of our best series were exhibited fully installed. More than 800 visits from more than 30 different countries approached our stand to check the quality of our products.

This has definitely been a very positive experience for our company, and we are very happy with the results. We have already begun counting the days for the next VETECO 2018.