Sliding glass walls and motorized roof – Spain

This is a new project with Glass Walls and Motorized Roof. The more important characteristic of this job is that we have adapted the height of the glass walls to make windows.

The client wanted to create a covered terrace in the home garden. For the walls we have used the E20 (side) and the E45 (front) series of our glass walls, sliding glass walls without vertical frames that hinder the views. .

In addition, we have adapted the height of the glass walls on the sides of the terrace, and we have placed them on the stone wall that already existed, to make sliding windows without vertical profiles. In this way, once the whole system is closed, the terrace is completely protected.



  • AIRCLOS E20 Sliding Glass Walls

    E20 series

  • E 45-Profile Systems for Sliding Glass Walls AIRCLOS

    E45 series