Install a Retractable Roof and enjoy your indoor pool

Enjoying the outdoors with our loved ones is one of our favorite things in life, and this is why we like the terraces and swimming pools. The only regret is not being able to enjoy them all year round. Or maybe we can?

We have been working for decades to develop systems that allow our customers to enjoy their favorite spaces during any season.

Therefore, in this article we will explain how the installation of a Retractable roof skylight will allow us to enjoy our pool all year round.


Indoor pool with Retractable Roof Skylight

Our Retractable Roofs allow us to create very versatile spaces. We can open in summer and close in winter with just a remote control.

In the following pictures we can see some examples of indoor pools in hotels and private homes.

Combine Retractable Roofs with Bifold Doors and create unique spaces

Usually, when we think about indoor pools, we only consider installing a roof and creating traditional walls as the examples above.

However, if we combine the Retractable Roof with Bifold doors (or Sliding Glass Walls)  we get a much more versatile space.

If we open all the systems we will have an outdoor pool, and if we close completely we will have an indoor pool. We can even regulate the opening and have a roofed pool without walls on rainy days with good temperature. The possibilities are endless when we combine several systems.

If you would love to enjoy your pool during any season, fill out the form on the side of this page and ask for a quote.