Penthouse with retractable roof in Spain

The pub Cafe Seine in Dawson Street in Dublin has been re-opened with a new incredible look. The protagonist in this reform is the enclosed garden terrace with one of our Retractable Roofs (T6000 Series). 

The retractable roof, which is visible from the front entrance on Dawson Street, transform this space into a new indoor-outdoor ‘street garden’. It has more than 25m long with 13 modules with 4 panels each one.


“This is the big one,” says David Murray, general manager of the venture, which is owned by the Mercantile Group. “It is amazing how many people are booking it and haven’t even seen it.” The street garden can seat 80, or accommodate up to 200 people standing. Murray envisages this space, which floods the ground floor with natural light, being popular at lunchtime and for private evening events.

David Murray for Irish Times Newspaper

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