Glass Walls used to protect a bicycle garage

Here we have a new use of our Glass Walls, used to protect a bicycle garage (before it was installed under an open porch).

Protecting things that are important in our lives is imperative, and that does not necessarily mean that they should be indoors. In this project, the client already had a covered porch where he had installed a garage for the family bicycles and a small seating area. However, they needed an extra enclosure to protect the room from rain, wind and dust.

To solve the problem we work with our E45 Glass Wall Series, perfect for this project for two reasons:

  • Presents a stacking area of all the leaves placed at any wished end.
  • Its leaves are independent and can be slid to any angle. So we can decide whether to open only a part of the system or do it completely.

In this project we see how to build a protected garage or porch is really simple.



  • E 45-Profile Systems for Sliding Glass Walls AIRCLOS

    E45 series