Football VIP Private Box With Sliding Glass Walls – Argentina

This is a project in a Football Stadium in Argentina in which the VIP Private Box was glazed with Sliding Glass Walls.

Our client was an Argentine soccer team that needed to glaze the VIP Private Box of their new stadium. It is an area reserved for recognized personalities and the stadium owners wanted to create a specially protected area for them. To do this, they created a large panoramic window in front of the seats to see the football field perfectly. The problem was that on bad weather this area was too open.

To solve it the perfect option was to install a Sliding Glass Wall System. A perfect option because it hasn’t any vertical profiles that hinder the view and spectators can enjoy the game even when the system is closed.

On good weather days the system folds in one of the sides occupying a minimum space.


  • E 45-Profile Systems for Sliding Glass Walls AIRCLOS

    E45 series