AEV test to improve our S55 Bifold doors

AIRCLOS works constantly to offer better products with rigorous quality standards. Therefore, in the last weeks we are testing our new series. Samples of the doors to be tested are done so at third party, accredited testing facilities.

The last tests have been three:

  • Air permeability test:

Air Permeability refers to the amount of air that will travel through a window or door system in its closed position. During the test, the system is built into a testing rig and positive and negative air pressures are directed at the face.

  • Watertightness Test:

During the test the system is installed within a testing rig and water is forced at the windows through water nozzles, to represent driving rain, at differing pressures for lengthening periods of time.

  • Wind resistance Test:

The resistance to wind load is designed to test the wind load a window or door can withstand without serious deflection or damage.

Thanks to these tests we are able to make the necessary adjustments and modifications during development.

Ensayo de Intemperie AEV AIRCLOS