Glass railing

Protects balconies without limiting the horizon.

Glass railing

The new AIRCLOS Glass Railing System is a glass balustrade system that stands out mainly due to its great flexibility (it allows installation both on walls and on balusters) and its impressive resistance thanks to features such as built-in drainage (making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use).

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Aesthetics and finishes

Our glass railings stand out due to their minimalistic aesthetics, with emphasis on the system’s transparency, by means of barely noticeable small and sharp profiles, leaving the glass and views on the spotlight.

The system is perfectly adaptable to the needs of each project, and it is even possible to choose the size of the handrails.

Profiles are made in high-quality aluminium which can be chosen in different finishes: decorated, lacquered, or anodised.

Easy and maintenance-free

It is a cost-effective, quick-installation and maintenance-free system. Assembling or replacing a glass panel is very easy and requires no tools at all.

It is the perfect solution for complicated projects as, thanks to its lateral mounting system, it can be installed from the balcony or attic without the need for using cost-increasing scaffolding, making it possible to achieve truly extraordinary architectural effects.



FlexibilityOur glass railings have four different profile systems to suit any need without compromising viewing range: two top mounting and two lateral mounting ones.

Installing our systems is equally comfortable on all surfaces, even directly on the concrete edge of the balcony, where they can be installed with no need for additional work thanks to their integrated corners.

Glass railing APPLICATIONS

Outdoor - Glass Railing


Indoor - Glass Railing


Window sills - Glass Railing

Window sills

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