The quality promise is very important in AIRCLOS. That is why we only invest in the highest quality fittings offered by AF Fittings (indispensable members in our production process).

This quality is based on experience, quality of materials, paints and finishes.


More than 30 years of experience, a high knowledge, and a complete system of verification, are the biggest guarantee of our fittings.


Our accessories are made by high quality materials and optimal processing. This allows us to offer first-rate products, which hardly need maintenance.


We can offer a large number of finishes like metallized, textured, embossed in any Ral finish, epoxy quality, epoxy-polyester, polyester, polyurethane and acrylic.


To guarantee the best finishes, we use one of the most innovative methods on the market: the electrocoating (e-coat).

Electrocoating is a process by which electrically charged particles are deposited out of a water suspension to coat a conductive part. During the electrocoat process, paint is applied to a part at a certain film thickness, which is regulated by the amount of voltage applied. The deposition is self-limiting and slows down as the applied coating electrically insulates the part.

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