Stavanger, Norway

Glazed facade design for real estate promotion.

Stavanger, Norway
Installed products
Airclos A32 - Sliding glass walls

Product used is the sliding glass walls Airclos A32 Stacking Systems, with a finished RAL 9004 in Norway.

Project executed in 4 complete buildings with 4 apartments by floor, each terraze was designed different than others as per architect requirements, large openings till 17 meters long, with a height of 2800 mm. Free corners with different angles in each corner for each apparment, a very difficult execution project.

Due the strong wind in the area and as per request of customer, the Airclos A32 Stacking Systems was tested in a lab to know the performance regarding wind load, getting an excellent result that guarantee the system to support till 1.3 Kp (about 167 Km/h).


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