Minimalist Folding Doors, Airclos S200 RPT and S220 R RPT.

The most versatile option in the bi-fold door market.


Bi-fold doors have always been the hallmark of Airclos, our most traditional product and around which the brand was born.

Until now, when choosing the ideal bi-folding system for our project, we were forced to choose among panel size, minimalism and thermal insulation. The new S200 RPT and S220 R RPT have it all:

Panels of an incredible size, ultra minimalist design and great thermal insulation capacity.

Let us take a closer look at each of these aspects.

Glass panels up to 5 m high x 1.2 m wide.

Our lightest series have the bearing system fitted at its top, which limits its size and weight (as the load hangs from the ceiling).

The new series can easily accommodate up to 5 m in height and 1.2 m in width per panel. This is possible thanks to two main improvements:

Bearings fitted at the bottom part of the system and stronger accessories

The top-tier series of bi-fold doors are fitted with the bottom bearing as a technical improvement for this type of application. As it rolls along the floor, the system rests on the ground, eliminating the size and weight limitations of the lighter series.

Through this new mechanism featuring stainless steel rollers, the system can comfortably and safely accommodate panels weighing up to 260 kg.

Ultra minimalist design

Minimalism is another of the main properties of this system. An ultra-thin profile design that is minimally intrusive in the design and where glass takes centre stage.

The new S200 RPT series offers panels with 30 mm wide profiles and a super narrow panel gap of 74 mm.

Great thermal insulation

This minimalist design is precisely what helps us to strengthen the following feature.

Its thin profiles make glass the main attraction of the system, taking the focus away from aluminium and therefore reducing the system's transmittance.

To reinforce this effect, insulating glass up to 32 mm thick can be installed. This offers the possibility of creating on demand glass to reinforce thermal and acoustic insulation.

In addition, aluminium profiles feature thermal break, which prevents the outside temperature from being transmitted to the inside by contact between the different sides of the profiles.

Thanks to the combination of all these factors, this system can reach thermal transmittance levels as low as Uw= 1.6 W/m2K.


Main applications of the minimalist folding door system

This series is ideal for projects where a highly versatile system is required.

If you are looking for a system that delivers a minimalist design, with large panoramic doors but high insulation levels, the Airclos S200 RPT and S220 R RPT series of bi-fold doors are the perfect solution.

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