Glass roofs for terraces and patios.

Glass roofs for terraces and patios are one of the most required options by our private customers and hospitality professionals. They are a simple and very versatile way to gain usable space both at home and for our business.

Glass roofs for indoor patios

Indoor patios are usually a space completely enclosed by walls, but with no roof.

It is often an area that creates certain disputes in community buildings, as it is usually located at the centre of the building, meaning that the windows of the neighbours on the upper floors overlook this patio.

This generally causes several inconveniences both for the patio owner (dirt, objects falling out through the windows, lack of privacy...) and for the neighbours (noise, night lighting...). However, installing a glass roof in the patio can be a great solution.

On the one hand, the homeowner will gain privacy, since translucent glass is an option, and the space will be more protected against objects that may fall from other homes and against dirt in general.

In turn, the neighbours will see a decrease in the acoustic and luminous impact that the daily activities on the lightwell can cause on their homes.

In the case of private homes, which are a completely separate building, glass patio roofs have a different function. In this case, the roof can be used to expand the house in the winter months. This provides the opportunity to make use of this outdoor space during the cold weather.

Thanks to their high levels of insulation, our glass roofs for patios enable you to extend the use of these outdoor spaces all year round. This will be particularly interesting in the case of hospitality businesses, as these roofs increase the space to serve customers and to offer them a perfect outdoor experience, without suffering from the inclement weather.


Glass roofs for terraces

Terraces are usually completely outdoor spaces, where we can enjoy the outdoors from our home or business.

These have the same main problem as the last point discussed regarding indoor patios: they are spaces that are underused beyond the summer.

This can mean a great loss of space, profitability and therefore revenue in hospitality businesses. Installing a glass roof on the terrace of our restaurant will provide more space for our customers all-year round and give us the possibility to enjoy the experience outdoors even during the cold months.

The effect of glass roofs for terraces will be particularly interesting in Nordic countries or countries with a relatively low average temperature, as the greenhouse effect produced by the glass will provide natural heating for this space, with the resulting great energy saving.


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