Types of bi-fold doors.

There is a wide variety of bi-fold doors on the market nowadays. There are so many that you may find it difficult to determine which model is the most suitable for your project.

To make it easier for you, in this article we talk about the different bi-fold door models that Airclos manufactures, and the advantages offered by each of them.

Let's start by comparing between 'cold' bi-fold doors and thermally broken bi-fold doors.

Airclos Cold Bi-Fold Door Series

Aluminium systems manufactured using a one-piece aluminium profile, without thermal break, are commonly known as cold series profiles.

This type of bi-fold doors is perfect for spaces where a great thermal insulation is not necessary. Either because it is located in a temperate region, or because it is an indoor installation. They are also useful for enclosing terraces that are not expected to be used extensively during the winter to protect them when not in use.

These are lightweight series, with thin profiles and a very aesthetic design. They stand out especially for being completely airtight and watertight systems. Therefore, their main function when installed outdoors is to protect the room against external factors such as wind, rain or dust.

When installed indoors, they are perfect to divide rooms, with or without opaque panels as shown in the pictures.

3 meter high bi-fold doors

Within the cold Airclos series currently in the market, we would like to highlight the S55 R series. Thanks to its special reinforcement, the S55 R Series makes it possible to manufacture Bi-Fold Doors up to 3 meters high with total guarantee (standard bi-fold doors are around 2 meters high).

Airclos' thermally broken bi-fold doors

The thermally broken series features a design specially developed to insulate the inner and outer sides of the system.

A thermal break occurs when a specific element (the frame of a window, for example) has a higher U value transmittance than the adjoining elements (the walls). In turn, the heat, which always looks for the easiest escape route, tends to escape through these components.

This occurs mainly when working with highly conductive materials such as aluminium.

The Thermal Break was created precisely to reduce this transmission of temperature between the inner and outer sides of a building. This is achieved by preventing the different sides of the conductive material (aluminium) from coming into contact with each other.

Therefore, a very low conductive material is inserted between both sides.

Advantages of thermally broken bi-fold doors:

  • Energy saving: By avoiding temperature transmission, air conditioning consumption (either hot or cold) is reduced. This allows for more efficient buildings and a reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Glass condensation reduction: In cold weather, when the external temperature is very low and relative humidity indoors is high, the phenomenon of condensation occurs on the inner profiles.

Thanks to its unique design, Airclos offers bi-fold doors with a Uw value from 1.3 W/m²K.

These series will be the perfect option in cases of extreme weather (either hot or cold) and/or when the room is used regularly. It is not the same to close off an apartment terrace as it is to close off the exit to the outside of a dining room. In the second case, a good thermal performance will be required to ensure comfort.

Customise your bi-fold door system to the maximum

Bi-fold doors cater for all type of customisation in terms of the number of panels, orientation and direction of opening (inwards, outwards, left, right, central, indistinct...), finishes (lacquered, anodised, imitation wood...), shape (curved, polygonal designs...), etc.

It should also be mentioned that doors can be machined if a key lock is required. As they are book-type bi-fold doors, the panels are joined in pairs, so that they all slide together when being opened.

Therefore, the key lock can only be installed in odd-number panel systems, where one leaf is independent of the other. It is important to bear this in mind, as it will not be feasible to install a lock on 2-panel bi-fold doors or 4-panel bi-fold doors, for example.

An additional odd panel will be required in these cases, in order to act as a bi-fold door and to allow access through the system without the need to open it completely.

Opting for a lock system will be essential, especially in cases of access doors to homes or businesses.

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