4 Inspiring Ideas for Terrace Enclosures that Combine Comfort and Avant-Garde.

Terraces are one of the most appreciated spaces in homes or businesses, and during this last year, we come to the realisation that this room can be vital.

In this article, you will find 4 inspiring ideas for terrace enclosures to make a better use of it.

Enclose your terrace and admire the panoramic views.

When thinking about enclosing a terrace, you often think about an outdoor space with some sort of weather-protection system (usually made of glass).

However, we would like to start this article with a slightly different idea, where the priority is to enjoy the views while being indoors.

In this type of installation, the aim is not to enclose the whole terrace, but to install an adequate division between the home or business and the outdoor space.

To get good panoramic views, glass should be the main element when the system is closed, and it should occupy the minimal space when open.

Besides, the system should provide a good thermal performance, as it will take up a lot of space and make a big difference in the comfort level: cold air should not come in during the winter, and air conditioning works better in enclosed spaces during the summer.

With these prerequisites in mind, in this case, the perfect choice for enclosing terraces would be installing bi-fold doors. There are different bi-fold glazing systems with different thermal insulation options depending on the needs of each project.

Say 'yes' to terrace enclosures and enjoy this room all year round.

Whether in your home or business, terraces are a significant space that cannot always be enjoyed due to weather conditions.

Therefore, one of the options that our customers demand the most are terrace enclosures, so as to enjoy that space all year round.

To obtain a space that can be used all year round, it should be covered with a roofing system.

Motorised retractable roofs are the most interesting and versatile option.

During cold seasons, or when air conditioning is required, a watertight and highly thermally-insulated enclosure will be available, turning the terrace into a totally comfortable room. Besides, if a glass panel roof is installed, you will have great views even while indoors.

During seasons with pleasant temperatures the roof can be opened, regaining full contact with the outside.

Motorised operation by remote control facilitates opening or closing the roof. Besides, this terrace enclosure system can be integrated with the automation system of the rest of the building and make it even easier to operate.

To complete this terrace enclosure, bi-fold doors may be added on the sides.

Home or business extension.

On many occasions, the terrace is an unused space with great potential.

Therefore, when a house or business is very small, this space is the first that comes to mind in order to increase the internal area without major renovations.

By combining the right terrace enclosure systems, achieving this goal will be really easy.

In this type of projects, terrace enclosure systems that create an annex to our home or business and that is as comfortable as the indoor space is pursued.

To this end, as in the previous case, we must choose terrace enclosures that guarantee great thermal performance and watertightness, to prevent both water and wind from coming in should be chosen.

In this case, the choice of systems depends on the intended use for this new space.

For both the roof and the sides, you should think whether you need it to open completely, partially, or whether you prefer a fixed system.

As for the panels, depending on the privacy level required, transparent, translucent, opaque or a combination of several panels may be installed, to create a contrast between light and shadows.

Create your own terrace with custom enclosures.

In the last of these 4 inspiring ideas, there is no terrace per se, but it can be created through a large opening in the roof.

This type of project is only feasible in attics and single-family homes with direct access to the roof.

The priority is to choose a system that covers large areas and uses the minimal structure.

A good candidate is our T8000 series retractable roof, as it opens up to 3.6 m wide without intermediary pillars.

When closed, there is a great entry of natural light and heat with hardly any visual obstacles. When the roof is open, the room will turn into an outdoor terrace.

My name is Maialen, I’m a decorator, and I own a shop in Zarautz, Gipuzkoa. I carry out decoration and construction management projects.

One of the challenges this 2020 was a home to which we had to add a space under the roof. This house is at the beachfront, and we wanted to create an opening of 3×3 metres, using a lifting roof that would fold into the roof, so that when opened, the customer could lean out and look at the sea.

The construction material was very important to me, as saltpetre is not a good ally to certain materials, so it had to be aluminium.

I didn’t know it would be so hard to find a company that could do what I wanted at all costs. Everyone I contacted told me they couldn’t do it with those measures, until I found Airclos that Friday afternoon, and their answer was ‘OF COURSE!!’. They did everything as I wanted, without excuses: the material… everything.

They provided an excellent attention, very close, and the whole team is very professional. The result is spectacular, exceeding our expectations.

Thank you for a well-done job.

Maialen Decoración

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