Quote for the installation of bi-fold doors.

Today we are going to talk about all the factors that can affect the price of your external and internal aluminium bi-fold doors.

Apart from the prefabricated bi-fold doors offered by some large stores specialising in building materials and DIY, getting an estimated price for your bi-fold doors is almost impossible.

How much does a bi-fold door cost?

At Airclos, we offer free quotes within 24/48 hours. Therefore, we invite you to fill out our contact form and request a customised quote for the installation of your bi-fold doors.

Would you like to know the price for your new bi-fold glass doors?  I do!

Let's take a look at some of the factors that can make the end price of aluminium bi-fold doors vary:

Factors that determine the price of bi-fold doors

  1. Dimensions: Bi-fold doors usually have, depending on the model, standard panel widths and heights. Modifying these dimensions to create a custom design may result in a more expensive system. Airclos offers specially reinforced systems whose panels can be up to 4 meters high or up to 1.1 m wide.
  2. Finish: Systems can be customised with different types of finish. White is the colour by default and therefore the most economical, however there is a large range of lacquered, anodised and decorated finishes available for our bi-fold doors.
  3. Glazing: Glazing is fully customisable in all our systems. There are bi-fold doors with single glazing, double glazing or some technical glazing depending on the needs of the enclosure. The glazing chosen will largely determine the price of the bi-fold glass doors.
  4. Cold Series vs Series with TB: Depending on whether the aluminium profile is more or less insulating, the price of the bi-fold door may vary. On the one hand, there are cold series, manufactured using a one-piece aluminium profile. On the other hand, there are thermally broken series specifically designed to avoid contact between the outer and inner sides of the system, and therefore increase its thermal performance.
  5. Special reinforcement: Sometimes, either because of their height or due to the potential wind load, systems require additional reinforcement which increases the price of the system.
  6. Accessories: There is a whole series of accessories that help customise systems according to the needs of the project. Including a key lock, built-in shutters or louvre shutters has an impact on the end price of your bi-fold door system.
  7. Installation: The end cost of the bi-fold door system also depends on whether it is a new construction or a renovation. Renovations usually require more work and additional accessories such as joint sealing, which are reflected in the price.

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