How to make a terrace private.

Making a terrace private is one of the main concerns for homeowners, especially when neighbours have direct visual access over them.

This article looks to give you some ideas to gain more privacy on balconies and in gardens.

Let's look at the different options available:

How to make an uncovered terrace private

On terraces that are not previously covered, the main thing will be to roof them.

This is important, as the roof not only offers privacy from above (from other upper floors) but will be necessary if vertical systems are to be added later.

Our roofs offer several options:

Making a terrace private by using sandwich panel roofs

The sandwich panel is a completely opaque material that completely covers the space. As additional advantages, it provides great thermal and acoustic insulation, so extra privacy is also achieved at a soundproofing level.

In addition, the system can always be fully opened, so contact with the outside world can be restored in a matter of seconds if necessary.

Making a terrace private by combining a roof and canopy

If a totally opaque roof is not desired, because sometimes it is preferred to have views without having to open the system completely, the perfect choice would be to combine one of our glass roofs with a canopy. The canopy is integrated into the design and is able to regulate the degree of privacy, depending on the occasion.

This option has the benefit that both systems are independent and privacy levels can be controlled with the canopy, without having to operate the roof. For example, in the case of a sandwich panel, the roof has to be opened in order to let light in, resulting in a loss in airtightness. A canopy, meanwhile, can be opened while keeping the roof closed, recovering the clarity but without losing comfort.

Making a terrace private by installing a customised glass roof

One of the most important advantages of our systems is that they cater for the inclusion of customised glass. Specially treated glass can be chosen in order to offer visual privacy (translucent glass, etc.) and/or acoustic privacy (high acoustic insulation glass).

How to make a covered terrace private

Once a roof has been installed to provide privacy, work must now be done on the verticals. In this case, there are also several possible options.

Making a terrace private by using sandwich panel bi-fold doors

As in the case of the roofs, bi-fold doors allow glass to be replaced by sandwich panels, obtaining in this case the same results in terms of acoustic insulation and visual privacy. This would result in be a completely covered terrace with no light coming in while the system is closed, but which can be fully opened thanks to the bi-fold door design.

Making a terrace private by using shutters and louvred systems.

As was also the case with roofs, there is an intermediate solution provided by shutters. This type of system regulates privacy without having to regulate the opening of the system.

Making a terrace private by using customised glass

As in the rest of our systems, bi-fold doors can be manufactured with customised glass to provide extra visual and/or acoustic privacy.


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