How to close off an attic terrace.

Are you thinking of closing off your attic terrace? This article will provide you with all the keys to get the most out of this space.

The first thing to consider is:

What's the starting point? A large terrace, a small space with balcony, a fully enclosed attic...

What is the goal? To enlarge the home's usable space, increase the entry of light, achieve greater privacy...

Once these two issues have been resolved, other alternatives can be looked into in greater detail.

Ideas to close off your attic's terrace

Extend your home's usable space in terraced attics

In many cases, homeowners purchase an attic in search of a large terrace to enjoy the outdoors without leaving home. However, these spaces often end up being underused outside of spring and summer.

Installing an enclosure system can be the solution to extending the use of this space all year round, regardless of the weather.

In addition, if completely watertight and high thermal performance systems are chosen, as is the case of our retractable roofs and bi-fold doors, this space becomes another room in the home, expanding its usable space with no building work required.

As these systems are fully hermetic (rain, wind and temperature-change proof), we guarantee total comfort all year round.

If extra privacy is desired, it can be taken a little further and retractable roofs with sandwich panels can be installed. Sandwich panels, in addition to providing great insulation and comfort to the space, come in a completely opaque material. Roofs provide total privacy when closed, and contact is restored with the outside when the system is opened up again.

Roof windows to increase natural light in attics without terraces

If you are thinking of creating a terrace in your attic with aluminium systems, Airclos retractable roofs are undoubtedly the best solution on the market.

Our motorised retractable roof systems facilitate installation with glass panels up to 4 metres wide, making them particularly attractive when looking to install roof windows. This type of system facilitates the creation of a large entry of light where previously there was a raw ceiling. This type of large windows serve as an outdoor terrace in homes that did not originally have one.

The large size of the aluminium roof windows will not be an issue when opening or closing them, as the system is fully motorised and can be operated by remote control or connection to the home automation system installed in the rest of the home.